Edwin Chesebrough Dayton1,2

M, #2521, b. 9 November 1840, d. 25 October 1921
Edwin Chesebrough Dayton|b. 9 Nov 1840\nd. 25 Oct 1921|p2521.htm|Charles Edwin Dayton|b. 23 Sep 1806\nd. 19 May 1848|p2504.htm|Prudence Mary Chesebrough|b. 5 Oct 1808\nd. 7 Aug 1870|p2507.htm|Charles Dayton|b. 17 Sep 1776\nd. 5 Jan 1823|p2466.htm|Mary Smith|b. 15 Nov 1787\nd. 19 Aug 1850|p2467.htm|Nathan Chesebrough|b. 25 Jul 1775\nd. 18 Sep 1846|p3074.htm|Cynthia Crary|b. 21 May 1786\nd. 16 Jan 1861|p3075.htm|

Relationship=7th cousin 1 time removed of Earl Ashton Goodrich.
Relationship=Father of Grace Alison Dayton.
Relationship=6th cousin 2 times removed of Richard Ewing Hanson.
     Edwin Chesebrough Dayton was born on 9 November 1840 at Knox, New York.1,2 He was the son of Charles Edwin Dayton and Prudence Mary Chesebrough.1,2 He married Mary Albertina Morgan, daughter of Newell Van Renssalaer Morgan and Lucy Hopkins, on 3 September 1863 at Knox, New York.1,2 He died on 25 October 1921 at Oakdale, Lestershire, New York, at age 80.2 He was buried after 25 October 1921 at Binghamton, New York.

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Children of Edwin Chesebrough Dayton and Mary Albertina Morgan


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