Clara Louise Barker

F, #4223, b. 7 September 1921, d. 16 November 1986
Clara Louise Barker|b. 7 Sep 1921\nd. 16 Nov 1986|p4223.htm|Clarence Lee Barker|b. 21 Mar 1891\nd. 4 Feb 1963|p434.htm|Netta Emma Goodrich|b. 31 Jan 1889\nd. 17 Jun 1951|p433.htm|Ernest L. Barker||p435.htm|Mary E. Morris||p436.htm|Earl A. Goodrich|b. 27 Mar 1866\nd. 11 Apr 1933|p431.htm|Grace A. Dayton|b. 6 Aug 1867\nd. 15 Feb 1940|p432.htm|

Relationship=Granddaughter of Earl Ashton Goodrich.
Relationship=Granddaughter of Grace Alison Dayton.
Relationship=8th cousin 1 time removed of Richard Ewing Hanson.
     Clara Louise Barker married Walter Traver. She was born on 7 September 1921. She was the daughter of Clarence Lee Barker and Netta Emma Goodrich. She died on 16 November 1986 at age 65.

Last Edited=9 Aug 2011

Family: Clara Louise Barker and Walter Traver

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