Esther Glencairn Day

F, #5620, b. 16 April 1905
Esther Glencairn Day|b. 16 Apr 1905|p5620.htm|Eldred Glencairn Day|b. 18 Dec 1854\nd. 11 Jun 1955|p5618.htm|Nancy Adaline Fleenor|b. 3 Jun 1874\nd. 20 May 1958|p5617.htm|David B. Day|b. 25 Sep 1828\nd. 18 Aug 1899|p5629.htm|Ann M. McFarland|b. 29 Oct 1829\nd. 13 Jul 1911|p5639.htm|Jacob W. Fleenor|b. 5 Apr 1855\nd. 21 Oct 1933|p5616.htm|Mary S. Hope|b. 6 Mar 1856\nd. 29 Jul 1933|p5608.htm|

Relationship=Sister of Margery Frances Day.
     Esther Glencairn Day died at Lawrence, Kansas. She was born on 16 April 1905 at Lecompton, Kansas. She was the daughter of Eldred Glencairn Day and Nancy Adaline Fleenor. She married Harold Randel Skinner on 17 May 1927 at Big Springs, Kansas.

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Family: Esther Glencairn Day and Harold Randel Skinner

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