Chapter 1 - Susquehanna County Origins - Appendix

Earl Goodrich’s parents, Jennie Permelia Hawley and Manzer Judson Goodrich were both born in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania. They were both born on farms on the eastern edge of Brooklyn township.

Earl’s parents

Permelia, as she was called as a girl and young woman, was born 11 August, 1846, on the farm of her parents, Joseph W. Hawley and Sally (Wright) Hawley. Permelia was the sixth of seven Hawley children. According to Weston’s History of Brooklyn, Joseph W. Hawley was one of four children brought up on this farm by Samuel and Almira (Swetland) Wright, who were childless. Two of the others were George Washington Tiffany and Mary Bell (whom I have not been able to identify further); the name of the fourth is not given. Samuel and Almira Wright were Sally Wright’s uncle and aunt.

Manzer was born 24 October 1844, a few miles north of the Hawley place on the farm of his parents Eli B. Goodrich and Cynthia (Tiffany) Goodrich. He was the eleventh of thirteen Goodrich children.

Earl’s grandparents

Joseph W. Hawley came to Brooklyn township in 1818 at the age of six with his parents Abel Hawley and Marilla (Hutchenson) Hawley and two brothers and tweo sisters. A brother and a sister were also born after the family arrived in Brooklyn township.

Sally Wright was born 6 July 1817, on the farm where her parents Anthony Wright and Sally (Sweatland) Wright settled in 1808. The Wrights came from Somers, Connecticut, in 1808 and their place was just a little south of what became the Hawley place. Sally was the fourth of seven children, all born in Susquehanna County.

Eli Butler Goodrich came to Brooklyn in 1827 from New Berlin, Chenago County, New York. He was born 12 August 1800, the eighth of nine children of David Goodrich and Adah (Holden) Goodrich,who had come from Wethersfield, Connecticut.

Cynthia Tiffany was born 22 July 1806 on the farm of her parents Alfred Tiffany and Lucy (Miller) Tiffany. She was the oldest of six children of Alfred and Lucy. Alfred had fourteen more children.

Earl’s great grandparents

 Abel and Marilla (Hutchenson) Hawley came to Brooklyn township from Connecticut in 1818. Abel’s brother Asa Hawley and his wife Ruth (Bronson) Hawley also came in 1808. They had five children. Another brother, Isaiah Hawley and his wife Dolly Hawley came about 1823. They also had five children. I have not yet been able to reliably trace any of the Hawleys in Connecticut.

Anthony and Sally (Swetland) Wright came to what is now Lathrop township in 1808. They settled at the confluence of Martin’s Creek and Hopbottom Creek, apparently at a place earlier occupied by Sally’s uncle Joseph Sprague. Anthony was born in 1781 in (presumably Somers) Connecticut. His parents were Captain Samuel Wright and Ruth Kibbe. Anthony was the third of five children. Two of his brothers settled here – Samuel Wright and his wife, Almira (Swetland) Wright, and Wise Wright and his wife Louise (Shepherd) Wright. Their sister Ruth (Wright) Swetland and her husband Ira Swetland were also in the county for a while, but left in 1824 for Chatauqua County, New York. Anthony’s father, Captain Samuel Wright also came with his second wife Azuba Gibbs.

Sally Swetland was born 23 July 1787 in Connecticut. Her parents were Theophilus Swetland and Zilpha Sprague; she was the fourth of ten children. I have mentioned her brother Ira Swetland and his wife Ruth (Wright) Swetland, and her sister Almira and her husband Samuel Wright. Another sister, Clarissa, was the wife of Orange Whitney who is related to the Whitneys of Heart Lake. Her brother Silas also lived here for a time with his wife Abigail (Rose) Swetland. Orange and Clarissa (Swetland) Whitney and Silas and Abigail (Rose) Swetland moved to Chatauqua County, New York, in 1823 with Ira and Ruth (Wright) Swetland.

David and Adah (Holden) Goodrich did not live in Susquehanna County.

Alfred Tiffany was born 18 December 1781 in Attleboro, Masschusetts. In the fall of 1794, when he was just short of thirteen years old, Alfred came with his parents, Thomas and Melatiah (Tingley) Tiffany and six brothers and sisters to what became Harford Township. Thomas and Melatiah had five more children after they got here.

Lucy Miller was born 24 July in Glastonbury, Connecticut. Her parents Elizur Miller and Dorcas (Goodrich) Miller, settled in Pleasant Mount, Wayne County, Pennsylvania, three townships away from Harford. Dorcas Goodrich and Eli Butler Goodrich were cousins; both were descendants of William Goodrich and Sarah Marvin of seventeenth century Wethersfield, Connecticut. Elizur and Dorcas had several children, including Hannah, who was the wife of Alfred Tiffany’s brother Pelatiah.

Earl’s second great grandparents

Captain Samuel Wright and his second wife Azuba Gibbs settled just east of Hopbottom village after his sons settled here. They had at least eight children.

Theophilus Swetland and Zilpha (Sprague) Swetland did not live in Susquehanna County, but in 1799 Zilpha’s brother, Joseph Sprague, lived alone on Martin’s Creek near where Anthony Wright and Sally (Swetland) Wright later settled.

Thomas Tiffany was born 31 May 1756, in Attleboro, Massachusetts. He was the ninth of eleven children of John Tiffany and Deliverance Parmenter. His older brother Hosea Tiffany was one of the Nine Partners who first bought and cleared land in Harford. Besides Hosea and Anna (Wilmarth) Tiffany, Thomas’s sisters Esther (Tiffany) Richardson and Martha (Tiffany) Wilmarth and his brother Noah Tiffany with his second wife Mary (Olney) Tiffany all settled in Susquehanna County.

Meletiah Tingley was born 5 October 1762 in Attleboro,Massachusetts. Her parents, Thomas Tingley and Martha Day, had nine children; Melatiah was the fifth. Her sister Lucy (Tingley) Tower, and her brothers Elkanah Tingley and Thomas Tingley all settled in Susquehanna County; their sister Rhoda(Tingley) Stearns settled in nearby Mount Pleasant township in Wayne County, Pennsylvania